About Shay Made + Contact

Hello! And, welcome to our corner of the world! This is a one-woman shop. All the things are made by Shay (plus all the shipping and emailing and websiting and etc). My goal is to make fun but functional pieces for your home or classroom that hold up to the beating that is play! Everything goes through my hands and my hands alone. Because of this, we do have a turn around time of 2-3 weeks. Everything is made after you order, so if you are looking for something semi-custom, send us a note.


I sew everything in our home in Kentucky while caring for our three kids. Lots of sewing with children at my feet pulling books from the bookshelf. I love listening to podcasts while I sew (shoutout to my current loves 'the Girls Girls Podcast' and 'The Gilmore Guys Podcast' and yes I'm #TeamJess to the death) or loud pop music to keep me awake during my late night sewing. 

You can email me at info@shaymade.com. I'm not a fan of checking emails, so please give 2-3 days for response.